9s Series

Features include accurate metering and distribution, single- or double-shoot options and tow-behind or tow-between configurations. The 9s air carts are available in three model sizes from 240-bushel to 300-bushel tank capacities. Silver metallic paint and clear coat provides outstanding toughness and resistance.



A design that helps you make the most of your seeding operation.

  • High Flow Fan

    A high-flow fan gives added product-carrying capacity. The fan’s piston hydraulic motor is 98% efficient and rated for 10,000 hours of service.

  • Variable Rate System

    The optional variable rate system with in-cab control features the Topcon X30. It allows you to change rates on the go with the press of a button.

  • Mechanical Ground Drive

    Uses a positive lock on all drive sprockets to deliver smooth and reliable metering. The positive ground drive from the wheel compensates for any changes in ground speed, ensuring precise product rates at all times.

  • Monitoring

    An easy-to-read monitor provides accurate data for ground speed, fan speed, bin level, field-acres seeded, total acres seeded, and more.   Equipped with Vansco monitor for mechanical drive and Topcon console for variable rate.

  • Auger

    The 9s Series 8-inch auger is double-hinged for exceptional balance.

  • Walk-Through-Design

    A unique walk-through design with a non-slip surface gives safe and easy access to loading areas. When the auger is down, access to the platform is available from both sides of the tank.

  • Diverter Valve

    The diverter valve makes it easy to switch between single and double shoot. The valve allows the product in each tank to combine evenly into one air stream. Or you can choose to keep the product separate.


Experience an efficient and more accurate seed delivery.

  • Metering System

    Unique, spiral-fluted metering wheels gently roll product into the air stream in a constant flow. Metering wheels are matched with divider heads to ensure accuracy and efficiency when seeding a full range of seed varieties. Stainless steel collectors provide years of usage with out corrosion. Regular meter body or coated meter body option for high corrosive or sticky materials.

  • Easy Access

    The 9s air carts include a quick release access meter body door and quick release collector door offer easy access to meter wheels and rate calibration.

  • Adjustable Plenum

    When double shooting, a fully adjustable plenum lets you divert more air to the meter with heavier products and higher rates of application, and less with lighter or more fragile products.

  • Air Delivery

    A unique Morris design delivers a smooth, horizontal flow of material that eliminates abrupt directional changes and reduces seed damage. The patented flat fan divider head distributes product evenly to each seed boot for uniform emergence.


Choose the tank model, size and options to suit your seeding operation.

  • Sizes and Configurations

    Air carts are available in 240-bushel (two-tank), 252-bushel (three-tank) or 300-bushel (two-tank) capacities, in either tow-behind or tow-between models.

  • Third Tank

    A third-tank configuration allows broadcasting option for small oil seeds and grasses, starter fertilizer, or granular herbicide. The third tank option is available for 9240 and 9300 models.

  • Controlled Traffic

    Controlled traffic farming is the practice of repeatedly driving in the same wheel tracks with all of your equipment. This makes for more efficient use of farmland and increased overall fuel savings, as it is easier to pull equipment on compacted soil. The Controlled Traffic tow-behind air cart can be configured to 3-meter track widths.