The RAZR provides the latest in disc drill technology for better penetration and ground following while delivering positive closing and packing for excellent seed to soil contact.



Slice through crop residue, open and form an even seed furrow, positive closing and packing for excellent seed to soil contact.

  • Walking Beam Design

    The walking beam design provides excellent ground following, constant scraper to ground angle and positive furrow closing while creating weight transfer onto the disc blade for added penetration.

  • Parallel Linkage

    The proven parallel linkage system delivers 10” of transport height while allowing 18” of operating travel and constant down force over the entire working range.

  • Seeding Speed

    Experience higher productivity with higher operating speeds coupled with your choice of Morris air carts.

  • Double-Shoot

    • Rear mounted center placed fertilizer placement ensures seed openers run in undisturbed conditions for optimum seed placement.
    • The heavy-duty 4×6 HSS rear bar features separate hinge pins and bracing.
    • The double-shoot system features the same RAZR disc unit for common parts, settings and proven performance.
    • The rear fertilizer disc units can be locked up for single-shoot applications.
    • This option is available for 10 inch spacing RAZR disc drills in 40, 50 feet widths (limited availability on 60’ widths).

  • Firmer/Crumbler

    • Firmer/Crumbler closing system enhances seed placement precision across a broad range of seeding conditions.
    • Features a seed firming wheel and a spoked closing wheel balanced on a walking arm arrangement.  This serves as an alternative to the double-ribbed packer.
    • The 10-in. diameter V8 firming wheel firms seed onto the soil at the base of the disc furrow resulting in excellent seed to soil contact, reduced seed bounce and improved seed depth precision.
    • The cast steel, spoked closing wheel crumbles loose soil from the furrow sidewall to close the furrow.
    • The seed grows through loose friable soil resulting in rapid uniform crop emergence.
    • Proven particularly effective in dry conditions where deeper seeding depths are required and with wet clay soils that are susceptible to over packing with a conventional packer tire.

Disc Design

The RAZR row unit is engineered to be consistent and easy to set.

  • Gauge Wheel

    16” spoke gauge wheel runs beside the disc to eliminate mud build up and plugging between the gauge wheel and disc blade.  The carbide scraper provides extra wear life and strength.

  • Disc Blade

    20” diameter disc blade gives a long field life and allows for a reduced blade angle of 5 degrees while still forming the seed furrow.

  • Simple Adjustments

    Adjustments for seeding depth is quick and easy to set.

  • Packer Wheel

    12” dual rib packer wheel connected to the walking beam closes the furrow and firms the soil over the seed.


Designed for unmatched performance and outstanding results

  • In-cab Pressure Control

    Once set, pressure can be adjusted from the tractor cab for changing moisture and soil conditions.

  • Robust Design

    Heavy duty 4” x 6” frame, non-greased composite linkage bushings with two 100-hour hub grease points make the drill durable and easy to service.

  • Efficient Tractor Hydraulic Control

    The hydraulic accumulator acts as a hydraulic cushion for the row unit and significantly reduces the demand on the tractor hydraulics compared to continuous flow designs. Downward force can be adjusted from 200 to 690 lbs. depending on spacing and available frame weight.

  • Valve Block

    Conveniently located on the front bar of the drill, the hydraulic valve manifold provides all the operator adjustments.  The design reduces row unit cycle times by locking accumulator pressure in the hydraulic circuit during the row unit cycling, to avoid recharging the system each time the row units are lifted and lowered.


  • Sizes and Spacing

    The RAZR is available in a heavy-duty three-section frame configuration of 40 feet and five-section frames in sizes of 50 and 60 feet working widths.

    Spacing options are available in choices of 7.5”, 10” or 15”.