The Concept features patented independent floating frames and one of the shortest frame depths in the industry to follow the ground for depth accuracy. Positive depth-control collars on the hydraulic cylinders allow you to make fine adjustments for precise seed placement.


Air Seeder

Land following precision and easy depth setting to seed accurately in uneven ground and high residue conditions.

  • Depth Control

    Make fine, positive depth adjustments on the hydraulic depth control cylinders on each frame. In non-seeding applications, use single point hydraulic settings. Enjoy easy access to the central hydraulic depth-control setting.

  • Trash Clearance

    The space between rows, front to back, gradually widens, reaching 40 inch between the last two rows. This unique design feature provides excellent trash clearance.

  • Transport

    Hydraulic controls and automatic locking allow the unit to fold easily and safely for transport. Weight is transferred to the front of the machine for greater stability, even when there are optional mounted harrows or packers.


Heavyweight construction with land following flexibility.

  • Flexible Frame

    Independent wing sections, with a tricycle suspension and patented frame coupling, assure flexibility while easing the stress on the frame member joints.

  • Air Distribution

    Take advantage of the Concept precision by adding an air distribution package for seeding or fertilizing.

  • Walking Axles

    Durable, maintenance-free walking beam axles have unique lifting links that raise one wheel while turning.

  • Trip Options

    A choice of a 755-lb, 550-lb or 400-lb spring cushion trip. The Morris trip reduces pressure by lifting higher and minimizing stress on the shank assembly and frame. The 755-lb trip assembly accepts 50-degree tillage tools. The 400-lb and 550-lb trip accommodate 47-degree tillage tools.


Choose the configuration that best meets your needs for seeding and fertilizing.

  • Base Sizes

    Three-frame models are available in base sizes of 23 to 38 feet — for 26 to 42 feet of working width — and five-frame models are available in base sizes of 44 and 56 feet — for 44 to 60 feet of working widths.

  • Row Spacing

    Opener spacing options are 9 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch.

  • Mounted Harrows

    Numerous harrow configurations let you make the best choice for the soil conditions in your area. The universal arm’s single-pin connector makes it fast and easy to mount harrows or packers.

  • Mounted Packers

    Mounted packers are a cost-effective way to ensure good seed-to-soil contact. Packing is enhanced with sections of packer gangs no wider than five feet. A universal arm accommodates harrows or packers with a single pin.