Field Pro

The Field Pro is ideal for spreading and breaking up residues on minimum and no-till operations. This tool also provides excellent granular chemical incorporation, seedbed preparation and functionality as a finishing harrow.



Built tough to help you move faster through high-residue conditions.

  • Heavy-duty design

    The Field Pro is designed with big tubular steel booms, large 9/16 x 27 1/4 inch tines and adjustable pressure springs so you can move faster in high-residue conditions.

  • Suspension

    A unique combination of twin-leaf springs and adjustable pull arms lets you transfer the weight of the tool bar onto the harrow sections, preventing harrow bounce in rough conditions.

  • Base Widths

    Models are available in working widths of 50 and 70 feet.


Get the field finish you want through greater control of tine pitch and pressure.

  • Harrow Frames

    Morris uses S-shaped harrow frames to maintain true 2 inch spacing across the entire width of the heavy harrow.

  • Tine Pressure

    A unique adjustment wedge allows the operator to maintain consistent down pressure, even after several inches of wear.

Hydraulic Control

For on-the-go tine adjustments.

  • Easy Adjustment

    The two front ranks can be adjusted independently from the rear three ranks. This accommodates specific conditions for better straw flow through the harrow sections and preventing straw bunching. The hydraulic control option allows the operator to control the tine angle from the cab. The more aggressive the tine angle, the more downward force is applied. Tine angle adjustment can be changed on the go to prevent balling of residue.