New Ground-engaging Technology Changes the Landscape of Farming

Morris is pleased to introduce a new and exciting innovation.  ShieldCore is a new proprietary robotic welding technology (patent pending) allowing the company to build a host of ground-engaging tools and parts for the farm.

ShieldCore features an innovative carbide coating technology that significantly improves the durability and lifespan of Morris parts by shielding the surfaces from wear and impact.

The first roll-out stage of this new technology is offered on openers for Morris precision drills and harrow tines on the Field Pro heavy harrow.

ShieldCore Precision Drill openers

The precision welding traps soil between surface beads, making soil wear on soil, not steel.  Optimized weld bead size prevents too much soil build-up on the opener while protecting all surfaces.  ShieldCore openers have an Increased shank tip angle for excellent ground penetration in tough soil conditions.  3x larger surface is protected compared to previous generation openers.  ShieldCore technology offers increased wear life and extends the life to protect IP boots.

ShieldCore Field Pro Heavy Harrow tines

The four-inch carbide coated tip provides less maintenance and extends the wear life to match the spring coil life.